Artist Profile: Zander Raymond

Hannah Vogel, Opinions Editor

If you’ve ever seen Zander Raymond’s art, you know it cannot be compared to any art you have ever seen before—his art is his own style, in its own category. Zander began taking art classes in fifth grade, but most of his style and artistic skills are self-taught.

“I have done a lot of different types of work, but right now I am focusing on doing drawings that include empty spaces: parking lots, front yards and laundromats,” said Raymond. “I have been super drawn to these open spaces for some reason. Aside from that, I have released a couple of zines with various things in them, such as asking my close friends questions or simply just photos I’ve taken,” said Raymond. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a zine is essentially a self-produced version of a magazine. Zander has created ones with empty spaces as well as answers to open-ended questions.

Zander, a junior, is currently taking the AP Drawing class offered at LBHS. In addition to traditional art, he also works closely with music and film.

“I don’t prefer one art form over another. I have been drawing a lot recently, but I also work with VHS footage and other mediums,” said Raymond.

Zander plans to attend art school after graduating LBHS and pursue a career in the visual arts.

“I decided to pursue a career in art because it’s the only thing that interests me. I probably won’t make any money, but that is fine with me,” said Raymond. “I would consider art my only passion; practically the only thing I do outside of school is make things.”

Zander is the type of artist who devotes all his time and energy into his work. In fact, over the summer he created a hand-drawn ‘lost dog’ sign and walked around Laguna hanging it up—even though there was no lost dog. The sign was purely a form of visual art.  

“I have a few students that show craftsmanship in their artwork, and Zander is one of them,” said art teacher Bridget Beaudry Porter. “There is a deeper level of thinking that is present in his work. Zander has a distinct line quality that has developed from many hours of practice and attention to detail.  His drawings make you feel the emptiness of a space. I enjoy the subtle humor and irony present in his drawings.”

“The style of my art has changed dramatically over the past few years and it still is constantly changing,” said Raymond.