New field stirs mixed emotions

Emily Addis, News Editor

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Boys Soccer:

“A major improvement in the new field is that they replaced the old black rubber pieces with just a bit of sand.  If you fall or slide on the new high quality turf, it’s a lot less likely that you come out with any bad burns or cuts. Because it is brand new turf, slipping around on it is very likely, even in cleats.  I do think this will go away as the field is more used and gets a bit worn down,” said junior soccer player Sterling Butler.

Girls Soccer:


“I definitely think the field has improved.  Before, we used to be playing and the ball would bounce weirdly on potholes.  I have noticed though that the water drainage is still sub par.  It will rain for an hour one day and then be damp and very slippery for the following two days.  Also the lines for soccer are way smaller than football.  It’s hard to see while playing, and that was definitely a mistake made in designing the field,” said senior soccer player Greer Jacobs.

Horst Noppenberger

“I think it was necessary to replace the field, and it looks really good.  But I notice that soccer players are having difficulty staying on their feet.  Everyone is slipping on the new turf, and it’s becoming a major problem since the game of soccer requires you to run.  I went to take a corner kick during a game and slipped straight on my back; the ball didn’t even make it into the box.  Hopefully the teams can work around the new slippery field and not let it interfere with our success,” said senior soccer player Christine Johnson.

Horst Noppenberger



“The new field is a great improvement from our old, worn-down field before. The softer surface provides a much more comfortable landing after being tackled.  From what I can tell, there are no major shortcomings,” said senior football player Ryan Blaser.  

Kim Lippincott

“The new track and field are a lot better in quality. We slip less and it also doesn’t hurt as bad when you fall or get tackled. The field looks a lot better than the old one, too. Our facilities are pretty solid, but the locker room and weight room could use some more space,” said senior football player Bruce Knill.

Kim Lippincott

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New field stirs mixed emotions