A Look Into What Prom 2024 Will Entail

A Look Into What Prom 2024 Will Entail

As a senior who has their last prom this year, picking the perfect dress is crucial to a successful night. With this year’s theme, Jumanji, there are not many dress options, and everyone is curious about how ASB will prepare the venue for the theme. I honestly believe basic and vague themes are much better, such as a Red Carpet, Night Under the Stars, or even a garden party theme. While reaching out to nearby schools, several have adopted these oddball themes that leave attendees hopeless in dressing the part or simply not caring. 

With a theme like Jumanji, what should these dresses look like? Forest green or khaki, there are not many other options. When it comes to suits, guys typically wear the same black and matching tie with their date. No one will want to stick to a specific color theme through this theme. Looking back at last year’s theme, A Night At The Oscars, students were left with more room to get creative. These Oscar-worthy red carpet dresses motivated participation and made going to prom more exciting. 

As dresses begin to be purchased, we tend to see similar themes as we have the whole year: long satin dresses ranging from various colors. Black will always be in, but bright spring colors have peaked in the “easter prom dress” trend with blues, pinks, and yellows. These dresses tend to lean toward spaghetti straps and triangle necklines, not giving the classic prom look as years ago. Some people disagree with this trend, as seen below:

Asking senior Montana Vescova what her favorite look is when buying a dress. “My favorite style and aspect of my dress is the back; I love low-back dresses… I have continued sticking with black every year; I think it looks classy and simple.” 

Traditionally, prom dresses seem to be dying here at LBHS, with other schools carrying the traction of more prominent, poofy, sparkling dresses and being more extravagant than the students here prefer. This trend of dresses being one may even wear at a fancy dinner or event is something I agree with. Picking out beautiful dresses that suit your body usually does lean toward simple and more laid-back colors. As a whole, prom themes must be vague to promote creativity and a better participation rate.

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