Up and Coming Fashion Trends for Spring

Canva work by Marie Sutton
Canva work by Marie Sutton

Entering into the springtime, everyone should be dressed to impress. Following the latest trends and style predictions can help you look chic every day. Lucky for us, Vouge and other big fashion companies have released their official report on what they think will be the next big thing. So, let me break down what you should be wearing for our upcoming seasons.

Unlike previous seasons, it wasn’t easy to pinpoint an all-around theme. Instead, it is a combination of many moods and influences that, when brought together, form a whole. We will surely see some micro-trends emerge as we take on this spring.


Many designers are slowly revisiting trench coats. They’re a tremendous weather-proof closet staple that is so versatile. They complement all silhouettes and can elevate any outfit. You can expect to see them in bright and vibrant colors like yellow, orange, and pink this spring. A classic belted coat is also always stylish, especially with a trench coat. Look for belts with statement buckles and oversized buckles to draw attention. You can also wear shorter trenches for a more contemporary look, hitting the thigh area. You can pair these with dresses or jeans for a casual yet polished look. Overall, trenches are timeless pieces that can be personalized to your style.

Icey Blues

We are switching to ice blue from last year’s off-white clothing. Ice blue is a refreshing color that can add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. Ice blue button-ups and blazers are the expected pieces. This color also presents itself in pieces like flowy straight dresses and pant suits. Opt for base colors like black for an edgy look, soft beige for a lady-like approach, or red to incorporate color blocking.

Pencil skirts

The initial thoughts that come to mind when you see pencil skirts is the corporate office. However, designers creating sleek and cute pencil skirts can create such an elegant vibe. Instead of the primary neutral colors produced with pencil skirts, you can look for bold statement colors. It would help if you went for textures like latex, (faux) leather, and croc-embossed. Pair these skirts with t-shirts or crewnecks for a more relaxed option or an un-buttoned button-up for a stylish look.

Sheer delights

Mesh, tulle, and chiffon are also an incoming trend. That adds texture, depth, and feminity to your spring closet. They capture a feeling of grace and lightness. You can find these materials in gathered tops or double-layered skirts. They create such an un-earthly fashion statement.


If you have yet to stop to smell the roses, here is your chance because these beauties are back in bloom. They can be seen as accessories such as hairpieces or clothing clips. The floral rose print will also come back in the form of long dresses.

Spring trends this year are all about embracing shape, form, texture, color, and femininity. Vogue stylists have concluded that trenches, icy blue colors, pencil skirts, and roses are in for this spring. So, if you want to elevate your fashion, follow these predictions, and you’ll be set.

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