Espresso Euphoria: How Coffee Cultivates Community

Locals and visitors alike sit down for some coffee and calm at Jedidah Coffee.
Locals and visitors alike sit down for some coffee and calm at Jedidah Coffee.
Zealan Munsey

Whether you’re team coffee, tea, those disgusting Red Bulls, or powering through without caffeine, let’s dive into the heartwarming world of that daily brew – our beloved coffee. Mornings kick off with the classic filter drip or the espresso machine humming to life, blessing us with cappuccinos or smooth flat whites. And if your pantry’s looking sad, hit up the local cafe for some cold brew or whatever caffeinated masterpiece your heart desires.

Coffee’s been on the scene forever, from Yemen and Ethiopia to becoming a global sensation. European exploration and trade meant beans sprouted all over Africa and the Americas, becoming native throughout hundreds of years. Europeans got fancy with espresso, blending coffee, milk, and water into an art form.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., we’re all about those “grande” lattes – go big or go home, right? Italy keeps it traditional with an 8-ounce latte, sipping it like it’s a fine wine, and so does most of Europe – we Americans need the Starbucks tall ginger spice iced latte with two pumps of caramel and heaps of sugar. 

Hopefully, those tides turn, and more appreciation can be put into the everyday small shop, where craft coffee is at its finest, just like in the native lands of Europe and Asia. Not to diss Starbucks or any mass producer, as they changed the game to get coffee on the menu. However, local cafes put much work and love into the heart latte art or the perfect blend and aeration into your cup. Here’s the deal – coffee is more than a drink; it’s a ritual experience. Pouring a cup for a friend or hitting reset with an espresso shot – that’s where the magic happens. 

Like the 2008 recession or the COVID-19 pandemic, coffee’s been a constant companion through thick and thin. When the going gets tough, coffee gets going. Cafes went digital, and we all became online coffee consumers. Quality beans became the MVP for home rituals, bringing back a sense of normalcy and a much-needed energy boost. Through these hard times, coffee was one of the only industries to not fall on its face, and honestly stay super consistent; those drinks really mean so much to such a vast majority of people.

Exports are rising, and the coffee family is growing – farmers, shippers, roasters, and our local spots are all in on the game. My love for coffee? It’s a family affair sparked by my parents’ creating their own business, which will soon be cultivated in our cafe in Laguna Beach. Harboring blends and roast profiles from around the Equator, we hope at Jedidiah Coffee to keep the vibe in our little beach town, as even coffee can mean community. Those precious moments while a shot is made or the milk steamed can have a conversation about someone’s day, the weather, a funny story, or anything in between! Someone admires our Costa Rican beans and their medium-roast profile, and now I am talking to someone I have never met about the culture down there in Central America and the killer surf. It doesn’t matter what, but even the quickest and simplest things can make my day, and it’s all because of a bean. It brings out the good in people, the little energy boost or confidence refresher.

So much can be said about coffee, too! It has much history, like the legends of how an Asian goatherd noticed his flock acting a little buzzed, and they happened to be eating a fruit he had never seen: Coffea arabica. And yes, funny enough, coffee comes from a fruit picked to find a little green bean. Only when it gets to the roaster do you see the beautiful, crispy brown little thing. It has health benefits, with studies showing coffee drinkers live longer as it helps ward off any potential heart disease, helps develop glucose, and more. Coffee is truly a wonder.

So, hop on this wild coffee journey. It’s not just about sipping a drink (but that is awesome, too); it’s about forging connections, vibing with the world, and turning every cup into a story. Grab your mug, join the brew tales, and keep this coffee journey brewing – one sip at a time.

Follow Jedidiah Coffee on Instagram at @jedidiahcoffee, and stay tuned for a February 2nd Grand Opening @ Jasmine Street & PCH

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    Mary Hurlbut | Jan 20, 2024 at 8:32 am

    This is excellent writing- great story I had no idea the brush & palette had matured so beautifully