Un Verano Sin Ti – Review

Un Verano Sin Ti - Review

Bad Bunny has produced nothing but catchy songs and Albums since he came up in 2017 with his first major hit, “Soy Peor” (I’m Worse), which was a single. After that, he started making significant hits, which fueled his come-up even more. Today, the album in the spotlight is “Un Verano Sin Ti” (A Summer Without You). This studio album was released at the beginning of summer 2022, but the exact date was May 6, 2022. This was his fourth studio album, but it was different from his other albums; it had a more Latin Pop vibe, and he incorporated much more than Reggeaton but a little bit of Mambo. The album had a lot of hits, and that is what I will mainly focus on in this review: the overall feel and what the public thought about it. A song that stood out to me was “Moscow Mule” (the first song in the album). This song starts with seagulls in the background, welcoming summer to the ears of his fans, and is mostly about him into a girl he wants to spend the summer with. This was a hit, topping the Billboard Top 100 in the first week of the song’s release. The rhythm to this song has an irresistible reggaeton beat, which is not typical for Bad Bunny, and the Vocals go so well with the beat, which makes this song a banger. This song was the perfect way to open the doors to his summer set. This song is a 9/10.

The next song worth noting is “Me Porto Bonito” ft. Chencho Corleone. The song flows well with Chencho Corleone’s voice, which, when you hear it, you will see how Bad Bunny incorporates so well into the song with yet another catchy reggaeton beat. This song follows Bunny’s adventure of how to act with a girl at a party and how he is trying to “get” with this girl. Overall, this song is a good party song with catchy beats throughout—just a good song to get down on the dancefloor with 10/10. And oh boy, this next one is my favorite song from “Un Verano Sin Ti.” The lyrics combined with how well the beat combines with a repetition of a particular word, “Titi Me Pregunto,” this song takes us through Bad Bunnie’s girlfriends and how, after his “last one,” he can’t trust, or he can’t fall in love again. The word I was talking about before was “Titi,” slang in Puerto Rico for Aunt. He talks about his “Titi,” telling him how handsome he is and how he must have a lot of girlfriends. He then goes on to say “Ey, Tití me preguntó Si tengo muchas novia’ Muchas novia’ Hoy tengo a una, mañana otra Ey, pero no hay boda.” This talks about how he can have lots of girlfriends yet no wedding. Towards the song’s end, he talks about how he can’t love and never will again. It sounds like a sad song, but it was the most upbeat song in the album by far. Overall, I give it a 10/10; many topics were touched while producing an upbeat reggaeton song. This album was a big comeback for Benito because he hadn’t dropped an album in over two years, and with this being one, his fans were waiting. This album made me feel the vibes of the summer because I was in Mexico, so the music and the vibes of Mexico made me up my rating of the album. If you haven’t previously listened to Bad Bunny, this is probably the album to start with because it gets you into this new vibe and his old reggeaton self. This album overall is a 9.5/10, probably the top 2 albums by him.

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