Students protesting for the enforcement of Title IX at an NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament in 1995.
Students protesting for the enforcement of Title IX at an NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament in 1995.

Preparations underway for Title IX Day of Action: a new direction for self-advocacy

Title IX is the federal law prohibiting sex-based discrimination in public schools, colleges, and universities. Title IX reports will be able to be made by any student who experiences discrimination based on sex, from funding inequalities in sports to incidents of sexual violence during school events.

What To Know About Title IX

In public schools and universities, sexual harassment gets talked about through Title IX. The policy defines sexual harassment as types of quid pro quo harassment (harassment in exchange for doing something for the victim), hostile harassment (unwelcome and abusive behavior), and sexual assault. After a Title IX report gets filed, the coordinator will evaluate if the report is within the definition of sexual harassment.

Mandated reporters and accommodations are also vital components of Title IX. Mandated reporters are all employees at any K-12 public school. Mandated reporters undergo training to have an understanding of handling incidents of sexual violence on campus. If a student discloses to a staff member about an assault, staff members are required to report what they get supplied with. Under Title IX, the student can request accommodations or “supportive measures” to be separated from their perpetrator. This can be done through class changes, school-based no-trespass orders, and other protective measures.

Current Administration and Policies

The current Title IX policy is from the Trump Administration, led by former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Though DeVos’s policies have positive protections, such as providing supportive measures for students with or without a formal complaint, there are also harmful policies in place, such as the narrowed definition of harassment and the lack of need and urgency toward occurrences of harassment outside of school events.

The Biden Administration has promised to ratify these policies immediately and have a new policy enforced by October 2023, yet after almost three years in office in November 2023, no change has occurred.

KnowYourIX is a Title IX rights organization based in Washington D.C. For decades, they have focused on educating high school and college students on their Title IX rights. The Secretary of Education under the Obama Administration, Arne Duncan, cited the organization as an essential sexual violence prevention resource for students.

On December 5th, 2023, KnowYourIX officials will rally in front of the White House on a Title IX Day of Action. They are demanding new revisions of Title IX to be released and enforced. They are not only fighting for a new policy but also to spread awareness of the urgency for a new Title IX.

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