LBHS College and Career Center utilizes outside universities to enhance student’s knowledge

Students gathering around college admission officer for an informational college visit.
Students gathering around college admission officer for an informational college visit.
Patricia Tacklind

As of the 2023-2024 school year, the College and Career Center has implemented honest college admissions officers to present information about their application process and answer any over-arching questions Laguna Beach High School students might have about campus culture, their variety of majors, and much more. Through extensive research into what LBHS students question most about college, they have found that a common question was and still is, “what is the best fit for me?” and “what are things to look for when applying”? These questions can now be answered and discover new interests through proper seminars solely to educate high school students on the college experience through a realistic point of view. 

“Colleges send admission representatives every year to promote their school to high school students,” said College and Career Center Specialist Lynn Gregory. At the end of the school year, I will send an invitation to at least 400 colleges across the country and invite them to meet with our engaging and well-prepared students at Laguna Beach High School!

The college application process as a whole is hugely overwhelming and can be nerve-wracking for most due to the pressure of comparison to other applicants. With the help of college admission officers offering comfort and truth, the stigma surrounding accepting other options can be a possibility. 

I think the main benefit of attending the college visits is to broaden horizons.  Often, we only consider schools we have heard of when thinking about college,” said Scholarship and Financial Aid Specialist Patricia Tacklind. But a ton of that is because we think regionally – based on where we live. 

A typical college visit starts with the college admissions officer announcing who they are and what they represent being here. Then, they transition into speaking on the process or steps it takes to apply to the institution, college, university, or military. This aspect takes most of the session, while questions get answered during the closing. Depending on who the visit is from, it’s not uncommon to see up to 30 people in one section of the library watching the visitor explain their dream school or opportunity. 

“They’re beneficial for any specific questions you may want to ask admissions or to explore a college you don’t know much about,” said senior Luxy Bynum. 

Utilizing these resources and prompting conversation eventually will result in these opportunities coming, not the other way around. The College and Career Center always encourages self-reflection and prioritize their students first before anything else. 

“No matter where you end up, you get to decide how you are transformed by it”, said Tacklind. 

Some events that have happened last week:

On November 15, the College of Creative Studies came in Room 41, the art room, during tutorial to discuss their process and what they look for in an applicant. This college is located within the Univerisity of California at Santa Barbara campus as one of their few self-directed programs geared towards the arts and humanities. 

On November 15 as well, Gorjana Reidel, the co-founder and chief creative officer of Gorjana, gave a presentation/seminar in Room 20 during tutorial about jewelry-making production and much more about designing a brand. Be on the lookout for my career talks during tutorial and lunchtime!

Remember, the College and Career Center is located in the library for any further questions or concerns about visits or the application process. Be on the lookout for more up-and-coming visits. 

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