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Senior Goals

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Nilson Wilson: “English hall bathrooms are the cleanest, but they don’t have seat covers for the boys. Act however you want in social situations because literally nothing matters, it turns out. Try to do everything you want to do, and say yes to every opportunity you are physically and mentally capable of committing to.
Elizabeth Steinbach- “Ask Mr. Alvarez about his big brother’s sod farm— he loves it.”
Aiden Afrasiabi- “Keep trying. Don’t give up and get lazy.”
Sofie Arrivillaga- “Finish the assignment the same day it’s due.”
Eilidh Stalker: “Form good relationships with your teachers!!!”
Vasco Possley- “Never let go of the gas pedal. Keep pushing yourself even when things seem to be hard. It gets somewhat easier. Good luck.”
Bianca Brock- “At LBHS, I learned to not worry too much about the future and the importance of only doing things you truly enjoy. It is important to keep life balanced.”
Raul Campos- “I’ve learned that procrastinating is ok most of the time, but it’s also a skill.”
Owen McMurray- “Don’t fall asleep in Mr. Garvey’s class.”
Hailey Boehm- “Don’t procrastinate, but if you do it’s fine because probably everyone else did, too.”
Elena Gillespie: “Don’t procrastinate! It will be the death of you!”
Cole Van Riette – “Don’t be lazy. Always do your homework. Doing your homework helps you retain the information.”
Shad Betar – “Don’t obsess over college admissions. When you look back on high school, you’ll want to remember the fun times you had with friends, not being stressed about your grades or test scores.”
David Wang “Don’t apply to Harvard.”
Coby Bryan- “Think long and hard before you do anything stupid.”
Cole Fredlow – “The 4 years of high school go by very very fast. You’ll be graduating before you know it. Be sure to enjoy every moment.”
Perla Madrigal- “Don’t stress senior year. Just get things in on time and you’re solid.”
Maxcy Grasso – “When you don’t worry about what other people think of you, you end up having the most fun!”
Jack Mastroberti – “Have fun but stay on top of schoolwork. ALWAYS HAVE CHIEF KEEF IN PLAYLIST.”
Sakhr Dabbas – “I’ll tell you from my years of experience, popcorn doesn’t burn at 2:30 minutes— it’s a lie.”
Sidney Koziarz- “Graduation creeps up on you, and after graduation you’re thrust into the adult world so make the most of your high school experience.”
Daisy Jeffers – “Work ethic is more important than getting good grades.”
Sawyer Chesley – “Follow your dreams.”
Laura Martinez- “Use quizlet for vocab quizzes. Walk up and down the staircases on the right-side.”
Jack Raffo – “Become best friends with the college and career center ladies. They will get you through senior year.”
JP DeBarber- “Be proactive. Get things done quickly.”
Zander Raymond- “When you go to Whole Foods at lunch, fill the soup container up with hot bar food (it’s cheaper).”
Jessica Morrell – “Don’t forget to do your VHL for AP Spanish Lang.”
Taylor Corrigan – “Stay organized, manage your time wisely, and remember that everything happens for a reason!”
Jared Firebaugh – “Join the Marine Corps; you got a free haircut can get paid to go to summer camp!”
Dolce Sara- “Don’t take things so seriously.”
Makena Augenstein- “Don’t compare yourself academically to other students and let it affect you.”
Francisco Godoy – “Don’t go down Loma Terrace on a penny board— it didn’t end well for me, and it won’t end well for you.”
Makenna Gaynor- “Be kind to everyone, stay out of drama at all times, it’s really dumb & stay away from people who start it, they are no good. Cut negative people out of your life.”
Easton Shields- “Send Chella Senior year!”
Louis Skaist- “If the teacher is 15 minutes late, you’re legally allowed to leave.”
Marisa Schatz- “Have fun, make good memories and don’t stress out over school.”
Charles Keller- “Don’t stress too much. In the big scheme of things high school doesn’t matter that much.”
Jessica Sands- “Get involved and have confidence.”
Aleya Post- “Don’t stress out over a bad test grade. It won’t prevent you from getting into college or being successful.”
Natalia Szeibert- “Life is short, have fun. Don’t take a hard class unless you’re actually passionate about it. Each class is dynamic, but if you make a connection with all of your classes, all of your classes will be easier.”
Madeline Pontius- “Appreciate everyone around you because senior year goes by really fast.”
Meg Peterson- “This was my first year at LBHS. I wish I could’ve been here for all of high school here. Put yourself out there and don’t take this great school for granted.”

Jane Darling- “Don’t skip too much school just because you feel like it because it will stress you out even more.”
Mila Kellam- “Work hard but have fun!”
Jaimie Langner- “Don’t let others tell you what to be. You do you and love it!”
Lauren Struss- “Throw some sass towards Mrs. Perkins— she loves it.”
Matthew Torres- “Be nice to everyone.”
Charlie Rounaghi- “Marching band baby.”
Bryce Campanelli**- “Homework matters.”
Grady Morgan- “Don’t procrastinate.”
Lexi McKeown: “You know it will be a good day when Senior Brusky is your sub.”
Charlie Hutson: “My advice is to care less about what others think and to love and appreciate those who mean the most to you.”
Rhian Williams: “Go to football games!!”
Madelaine Melchor- “Live in the moment and take risks.”

Jake Short- “4 MORE YEARS!!!”
Olivia Rosen- “I’ve learned that even though most people don’t like high school while it’s happening, it goes by so fast and it’ll be sad when it’s over. Try and enjoy all of it.”
Delaney Basile “Follow your passions. Don’t just do things to impress colleges. If you do what you’re interested in and love, everything will fall into place after that.”
Dylan Miller- “The more free periods the better.”
Garrett Tyler – “Spend as much time as you can being young— life hits you fast.”
Akanksha Shukla – “Don’t burden yourself with unnecessary AP and honors classes. Take ones you’ll actually enjoy… also, stop stressing out.”
Joseph Colladay – “Don’t get demerits.”
Claire O Connor- “Second semester senior grades matter!”
Amber Gourley- “Don’t stress about what’s in the future— have fun and live in the now. Everything will work itself out.”
Wyatt McMurray – “Just don’t mess up, and you will have an easy time in high school.”
Larsen McCarroll- “Don’t get on Mr. Chung’s bad side.”
Cameron Garcia- “School isn’t hard— just put some effort in.”
Spencer Davis- “Only go to the bathroom if you really have to go.”
Timothy Loughlin – “Senior year is not easier at all.”
BellaRose Robinson – “Get your community service hours done before senior year. Don’t be late on that. And try not to be late all the time! Those demerits and detentions add up!”
Jake Booth – “Always go to Pleasant Park.”
Haylee Jarvis: “My advice is not procrastinate. It adds way too much stress that you don’t need.”
Geoffrie Frias- “Do your best in high school and make sure you do great on your ACT or SAT.”
Moragh Graf- “It’s always better to stay up late than to get up early to finish an assignment.”
John Langton- “Try hard in school and have fun while you do it.”
Andrew Keyser – “4 out of 5 doctors agree: senioritis is a real thing, and affects every senior. The 5th doctor is Benjamin Sharp.”
Caterina Jacobs – “Spend as much time as possible with Mrs. Gregory and Mrs. Bergen— they are the best college counselors and nicest people at the school.”
Dario Garcia Amini – “Look at the next generation of kids coming to our high school. Let your actions speak louder than your words. We need to look after one and other. We all go through struggles, insecurities, stress. If we support one and other, Laguna Beach High School will be known as a school filled with compassionate and loving students.”
Dulce Javier: “Your teachers aren’t right half the time.”
Clay Zarinelli- “Get your work done but seriously have some fun. Most of my high school memories have been made entirely in senior year.”
Kassandra Rocker- “Don’t wait till 11 or 12 at night to start your homework or study.”
Tara Conley- “The first couple years of high school seem to go by easily and once senior year hits, don’t quit and keep working hard because you’re almost done.”
Taylor Glenn- “Learn that it’s ok to say no. Don’t feel like you have to participate in everything. You will need to take a break sometimes.”
Jordan Meiswinkel: “Study more than you think you should.”
Massimo Lucidi: “Show up earlier on Thursday to get a parking spot.”
Danielle Borelli- “There is never a wrong time to take a nap.”
Kasey Karkoska- “Don’t stress too much because things have a way of working themselves out.”
Alden Kramer – “You actually have to try in senior year.”
Joseph Ravenna: “Join ASB or MUN. These acronyms are the closest to House of Cards high school is going to get.”

Ethan Anderson – “Don’t fight teachers— it’s not worth it.”
Jack Conor Farley- “Just remember to follow your dreams.”
Kyla Whitelock – “Do not procrastinate till the last minute.”
Hannah Vogel – “Do a sport for all four years. Dedicate yourself to something — you’ll meet your second family there.”
Remington Cord- “Find.”
Brianna Brown- “It’s okay to fail!”
Maddi Parent- “Just read the book. Sparknotes won’t get you 100% .”
McCall Sorenson- “As much as you don’t want to get out of bed, go to school and just wear pj’s.”
Enrique Palacios- “Walk on the right side of the stairs when going to the next class.”
Teva Clark- “Always be proactive and don’t let a number define your ability.”
Blake Burzell- “Get really good at girls water polo or rowing.”
Peter Weiland- “Don’t worry too much.”
Joseph Sweet- “Eat at the cafeteria.”
Savannah Johnson- “What I learned at my time at LBHS is learning how to prioritize and to be my best regardless of what the circumstances are.”
Sean Decker- “Find a balance between school and fun.”
Zoe Bowman – “Become friends with your teachers. Bring Ms. Cowles mac & cheese—it will help your grade.”
Sam Burgi- “Don’t mess up.”
Sophia Diaz-Anderson- “Nothing.”
Olivia Steiner – “Experience as much as you can and make memories.”
Anthony Cerdas- “Don’t screw up.”
Calder Rosenthal- “Nothing can help you.”
Sergio Castellanos- “Clear your demerits on time.”

Ethan Kavandi – “Don’t park in the district.”
Jeremy Shutts- “Never give a chick yo phone, that’s a no no!”
Alexa Andersen- “Don’t be in a rush to get a boyfriend.”
Nova Wassmann- “Have fun and don’t overthink everything because high school is such a small part of your life. Cherish all the memories and relationships you form.”
Natalie Mundy- “Be social and get involved with your school. Don’t be intimidated by new opportunities and make the best out of your high school experience— it goes by faster than you think.”
Evie Cant: “Don’t stress.”
Jake Anderson- “Don’t wait till 11:59 p.m.”
Emerson McCune- “Have fun, work hard, and enjoy every second because before you know it high school will be over.”
Casey Conley- “You will always be grateful if you know you absolutely tried your hardest. Do your best!”
Marcus Randrup- “Don’t procrastinate— it just creates unnecessary stress.”
Justin Holm- “Don’t be late to school.”
Remy Mackel- “Always work hard in school and keep close relationship with your best friends.”
Dante Fornaro – “Talk and talk and talk and communicate with teachers.”
Hillary Estreicher- “Don’t care about what you look like in others’ eyes— it’s about you and your wants for yourself and just happiness in general.”
Jackson Spencer- “Two L’s = a W.”
Chloe Levine- “Senior year is not as easy as everyone says. Biggest lie of all four years.”
Nina Larsen- “High school is NOT the best years of your life.”
Sam Pierce- “Make sure you pay attention in classes so that you can end up at a great school.”
Tobin Herr- “Even if you plan on going to community college and barely graduate, be sure to acquire knowledge, too.”
Audrey Duffy- “Do NOT park in the 2 hour pool spot unless you want to be harassed by a 75 year-old man.”

Luca Catalano – “If you want to enjoy school more, join ASB and make some changes.”
Jackson Stillwell – “Just have fun and get good grades (Acquire swag. Gain currency).”
Sofia Airey – “Make friends with the staff. Gradesaver always works. Stay in your place.”
Miles Stripling- “LBHS is ridiculously ‘clicky.’ Hopefully you can find friends that are good people.”
Olivia Eidt- “Don’t be late.”
Riley Bumgardner- “The water polo team is better than the football team.”
Sydney Huang- “Don’t be afraid to try new things. Make the most of your time in high school.”
Haley Conley- “I learned to enjoy the moments you have with all the people in your grade level and for everyone to know that there is more out there for everyone after high school.”
Lina Gleizer- “Having a best friend can get you through all the hardships of high school.”
Ramsey Elmewafy- “Actually read the books you are told to read in English. Sparknotes don’t cut it.”
Dylan Schreyer- “Get good grades! Or be a beast at sports.”
Pasha Dastmalchi- “Become friends on a personal level with the school administration.”
Michael Davidson- “Intelligence is not measured by the letter on your report card. Your intelligence stems from your thirst of knowledge and how you use it in order to survive.”
Nayiri Alexander- “Don’t be afraid to express yourself and who you are!”
Marco Lybbert- “Play girls water polo.”
Will Ross- “If you really love to do something, surfing, photography, trading stocks, etc… Don’t talk yourself out of making it your career.”
Kelly Keller- “Don’t do any work that you could find online.”
Matteo Mesinas- “Don’t play yourself.”
Anjelique Alexander- “Watch out for seagulls, come early to park, be kind to your teachers, and start applications and essays early.”
Angelina Polselli – “Always get to school early, and a double shot at Starbucks goes a long way.”
Elliot Cook- “You will learn if you want to learn.”
Jacob Pietig- “Challenge yourself. AP classes are double and pay off in the future.”
Alex Peros- “Don’t park in the pool 2-hour slot on Friday.”
Max Sands- “Enjoy high school because it ends, fool.”
Christian Beatty- “Don’t be late for school. Be on time.”
Lauren Perales- “Do what’s best for you.”
Nic Carpino- “Manage your time and value your friendships.”
Sarah Dworakowski- “Get engaged! All classes and activities count.”
Shiloah Tester- “Watch for seagulls!!”
Henry Syvertsen – “Be yourself and stay true to yourself— too many fakes out there.”
Parker Simpson: “Don’t ditch school.”
Benjamin Sharp- “Keep track of application passwords and deadlines, and save your application essays for scholarships.”
Hailey Meister- “Make some smart friends.”
Alexander Neill – “Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.”
Haley Schneider – “Don’t be a jerk to your teacher— trust me. Be nice to them, and they can help you. Just use them right (just a joke lol).”
Jaclyn Cortellessa – “Avoid the district parking lot at all costs.”
Jamin Schwerner – “Do a sport.”
Grady Morgan – “Don’t procrastinate.”
Tyriq McGivern – “This school is boring a lot of the time, or most of the time, but you can make good friends. Also, it’s very accepting.”
Katherine Kruger – “You can always get more demerits…”
Mark Berger – “Have fun, learn, and don’t overthink or overstress it.”
Katie Moore: “It gets better.”
Arianna Nugent: “Be happy, be strong, be wise.”

Luc LaMontagne: “High school is short, make memories.”

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