Mr. Sogo: Teaching during quarantine

During quarantine, Mr. Sogo has made distance learning both fun and engaging for his chemistry students. Every week students were given 1-2 assignments that teach vital chemistry skills. Along with that, almost every weekday, Sogo held meetings with various topics and guest speakers from many different fields.


Quote from Sogo:

“Students respond to learning opportunities in different ways. A “One Size Fits All” approach to lesson planning will not reach all students. For me, games are a great way to learn new things, which is why I incorporated “The Game of the Week”. I’ve learned a lot from the ACR alumni webinars–alumni who are working on the forefront of scientific discovery provide a vibrant example of why science matters. I think it is also valuable that students are hearing from experts who are not much older than they are. This can provide a mindset of “That could be me 5-years from now”. I hope that the variety of learning opportunities gives students something to look forward to in a time when there isn’t a lot of joy. Learning has always been a great joy in my life,” said Sogo

“Sogo made the meetings entertaining and fun to participate in, so students don’t have to just watch and take notes, but can actually participate just like a normal classroom,” said student Flynn Wheaton

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