Mr. Garvey has done a fantastic job to keep students active in their thinking. His online classroom is a great substitute for a real one.

Recognizing Spanish Teacher Mr. Garvey

Some teachers have been working for years at our high school. They have been accustomed to walking into a classroom, forming bonds with new students every year, and doing what they love. Many teachers are organized and have a way they always do things, but this year has disrupted all order in education. One teacher who deserves recognition for continuing to do a great job and keep students active is Mr. Garvey, one of four Spanish teachers on campus and the AP Spanish Literature teacher.

In distance learning, Mr. Garvey does his best so students know they can come to him with any question. He also makes sure that students do not fall behind, and that they get their assignments turned in. His assignments involve questions that keep students active in their learning and using their mind to come up with good, detailed answers to prompts. 

“With regard to showing critical thinking, I have posed more open-ended questions wherein there are not right or wrong answers but instead, answers that require deeper thought and explanation,” said Garvey. “I think the most important factor in ensuring students stay engaged is to try to maintain a presence in our Zoom classes with active activities.”

Even with the pressure of teaching an AP class, Mr. Garvey has made sure all his other Spanish classes are doing well. Mr. Garvey has worked hard in deciding what to keep teaching and what to remove from the curriculum, establishing accountability and fairness amongst students, and switching to online learning so quickly. Students agree Mr. Garvey is doing a terrific job.

“The weekly Zoom sessions are an excellent opportunity to practice Spanish when physical interaction is impossible.” said freshman Sai Machiraju. “The breakout rooms facilitate meaningful discussion about lessons.”

Even with the organization and establishment of an online classroom, Mr. Garvey agrees that it is a shame he can’t see his students anymore. The teachers at LBHS love working with the students, and it is fortunate for us that we are able to at least maintain some connection with the amazing staff here online. The teachers at LBHS miss the students more than they know. 

“I wish I could still be in the class with the students, because I feed off students’ energy. I love joking and laughing while in the classroom,” said Garvey.

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