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Shanai Mae Auguis

Artist statement: When I was little, I was never afraid of scary things and the dark. I was more fascinated than scared. My work is an argument that dark is not related to evil; that there is nothing to fret in the darkness if you make it your own. After all, there is no light without the darkness to define it. I focused on the facial expressions of my pieces to amplify their emotions through symmetrical realism and different colors and textures. I decided to create a bust inspired by the book “It” by Stephen King because even though the child-eating clown is very intimidating, it holds small details that are very pleasing to the eyes. The iconic clown’s face has a very distinct expression that I wanted to perfect. My goal was to take this fictional figure of death and attempt to have it represent both beauty and at the same time, an underlying peril. This is my creative interpretation of “It” the clown.

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