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Claire Tigner

Claire Tigner

Years Playing Piano: 11


Claire Tigner

Q: What got you interested in playing piano?

A: I’ve always loved to listen and sing along to music, so when I was little, I asked my parents if I could learn how to play the piano. My parents agreed, and they signed me up for a group piano lesson with a whole bunch of other little kids and about 12 electric keyboards. Although I’m sure the class, myself included, sounded far from perfect, I had the time of my life playing music. I’ve played piano ever since.


Q: Do you play any instruments besides piano?

A: In addition to piano, I play the clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, marimba, and I sing.


Jordan Sieta (Claire’s Friend)

Q: What can you say about Claire as a person beyond her piano playing skills?

A: Claire works hard at everything she does. She is smart and talented, but more importantly, she is an amazing person whom I am so grateful to have as a friend.


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