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Austin Plank

Vincent, in blue on left, enjoying his time with friends.

Vincent Virga

Over the past few years, Vincent Virga has been developing a storyline for what he calls, “The Knight Simulator.”


Q: How does the game work?

Vincent: “So pretty much, I give you a scenario that is set in a world I created, then the player says what they do in that scenario. I then give them the outcome.”


Q: How did you get into writing?

Vincent: “Well, my grandpa told me stories when I was little and he wrote those stories down. Later when I found that collection of stories I wanted to follow in his footsteps and write my own.”


Q: How extensive is the Knight Simulator?

Vincent: “The Knight Simulator has consumed most of the storage in my brain, as well as many google docs, slides, and drawings. While I cannot find an exact answer to the question, I can just say that there is a lot of info to wade through.”

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