Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Allemann stays connected with students during COVID-19

Maddox de Bretteville, Sports Editor

Dr. Allemann has been doing what is possible to reach out to students and staff through zoom calls and weekly emails reflecting on the week. Dr. Allemann’s leadership, resilience, adaptability and compassion during this time has been comforting to all. “[I miss] the people...students, teachers, parents, the day to day stuff that we all took for granted. LBHS has amazing energy when it is full ...

LBHS Dance adjusts to COVID-19

Izzy Lyons, Photographer

As everyone knows, the current circumstances of our world have forced us to learn from home. COVID-19 has changed our world as we know it, and many have had their hearts broken by special plans being canceled towards the end of the year. All of our amazing LBHS staff have been helping students through this pandemic. From the volunteer lunch staff to the teachers themselves, everyone is coming together whi...

Nicole Rosa: Helping students during Covid-19

Mr. Sogo: Teaching during quarantine

During quarantine, Mr. Sogo has made distance learning both fun and engaging for his chemistry students. Every week students were given 1-2 assignments that teach vital chemistry skills. Along with that, almost every weekday, Sogo held meetings with various topics and guest speakers from many different fields.   Quote from Sogo: “Students respond to learning opportunities in different ways. A...

Recognizing Spanish Teacher Mr. Garvey
Getting to know Mrs. Garcia
Recognizing English Teacher Mr. Brobeck

Getting to know Mrs. Cowles

Griffin Kristensen, Business Manager

  Outside of teaching, do you have any hobbies?   I love fountain pens! I actually have about 100 fountain pens. I have one that was made in the early 1900s and several that were made in the 20s and 30s, in addition to brand new ones and special editions. I love the way they look and I love the way they write. Fountain pens make writing something fun and fancy. There are s...

Michelle Foster: The First LBHS Inductee into the CIF Hall of Fame

Uma Bhatia, Opinions Editor

On Oct. 16, Michelle Foster, the health teacher at LBHS, became the first LBHS Inductee to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Hall of Fame. She was honored for her achievements as the coach of the Laguna Beach High School girls tennis team from 1997 to 2002. She led her team to four victories in back-to-back CIF championships, earning her place in the CIF Southern Section Hall of Fame....

LBHS welcomes some unfamiliar faces

Mrs. Rachel Mrs. Rachel is LBHS’s medical core teacher who now teaches her ROP class during the bell schedule. She has been teaching at numerous high schools and colleges over the past 20 years as a licensed and experienced nurse.  Q: What is your academic background? A: “I attended the University of Arizona, majoring in nursing.” Q: What are you passionate about? A: “I am pa...

TOW principal moves on to district human resources director
Brandon Lee wins annual Spirit of Laguna Award for exceptional service
Assistant principal team aims to improve student support

Meet Mr. Rush!

Izzy lyons, Reporter

This school year has had some significant changes with the bell schedules, dropping SDL, adding tutorial, and other key components. But with all the modifications, we have also gained a new staff member! Meet Mr. Bradley Rush, our new school psychologist! Mr. Rush has previously worked at Thurston Middle School, and he is now an LBHS staff member! As any new team member would, Mr. Rush will  face dif...

Missy Palino

Bridget Beaudry-Porter

Yuika Yoshida, Opinion Editor

On Feb. 8 Bridget Beaudry-Porter took a group of drama students to El Morro Elementary to help the younger students with their performance skills for their upcoming play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She hosted the same field trip last year and received great feedback from both students and teachers at El Morro.       "As a Teacher on Special Assignment for the Vis...

Nolan McConnell
Tim Crilly
Jonathan Todd
Corporal Cornelius Ashton

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