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Tennis Superstar: Kelly Keller

Senior Kelly Keller

Sport(s): Tennis

Plays as an individual, unaffiliated with LBHS.


Q1: When did you start playing tennis?

  • 6yrs old.

Q2: What do you love about your sport?

  •  It’s individual and competitive.

Q3: Who motivates you to do well? Why?

  • Going to a top college and playing higher level tournaments.

Q4: What has been the most rewarding aspect of this past season?

  • Meeting my best friends.

Q5: Do you plan to play professionally?

  • I want to.

Q6: What is your team’s season record? How did you perform as an individual?

  • I didn’t play on a high school team.

Q7: What has tennis taught you about yourself?

  • It’s taught me to be resilient, always keep a positive mindset, and work hard.


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