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Sofia Pfanner

Sofia Pfanner

  1. Where does your inspiration come from?

I draw inspiration from many random moments throughout my day-to-day life. Whether it be something I hear or something I see, a scene develops in my head that I try to portray in my art. Someone’s persona can easily affect the mood and the characters behind each story.


  1. What is your favorite medium to use and why?

Although I favor using acrylic paint for traditional art, I have grown to love creating digital art with my Wacom and computer. I can easily test out different colors schemes or erase my mistakes that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Overall, I prefer creating digital art for its easy use and many tools that enhance my art.

  1. What are your goals to grow as an artist or other future related aspiration?

I’m taking many classes for drawing fundamentals, including live figure drawing, to gain a better foundation for my art and to benefit my portfolio. I then plan on attending art school for illustration with the intention of working in the entertainment industry. I primarily want to create concept art to create a different world, to tell a story or to bring characters to life.


This one was inspired by the birthday hat given to me when I turned sixteen. Birthday hats usually represent someone turning a year older. In this case, the wearer is a flower as it continues to grow and flourish. These were some of the many feelings I felt on my sweet sixteen.

After having a conversation with my friends over shows we were obsessed over, it inspired me to create my own character that could easily fit in those shows. Here I created a girl who likes to hang out with friends and fight crime. However her greatest battle is high school.


Yes, its a work in progress, so is the painting. Although it seems very messy, it’s the most organized it’s going to get when I’m working on a project.

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