Trolleys are officially running again!


Saige Evans

On June 25th, 2021, Laguna Beach announced the reopening of their  trolleys. The trolleys had not been running since their initial close in March of 2020 due to the pandemic. The trolleys are  a huge part of the community and provide easy access to transportation. In order to keep the services running, some of the COVID safety precautions are mandated to ensure the safety of guests and residents. The precautions include: Face mask requirement, 50% capacity at all times, hand sanitizer stations on each vehicle, and more. 


I’m surprised the trolley re-opened so soon. With COVID, I thought it was going to be another year until they re-open,” said LBHS student Jack Hayes. 


Luckily, the mandated policies have made it easier for the re-opening. The trolleys have been around since the summer of 2002, and the residents have grown accustomed to these free shuttles. Many people were excited to hear they were being reintroduced and eagerly welcomed them back into the city for the summer.


I am happy about the trolley re-opening because it provides a great method of getting around Laguna for kids and others,” said LBHS student Uma Bhatia.


The schedule for the shuttles has been altered since the pandemic, but the routes are staying the same. They plan on having them run throughout the whole year with certain schedules. 


“I think the trolleys reopening is a great way for not only people to come to and from Laguna, but also for everyone staying here for vacation. It, giving them an experience on what it is truly like to live here,” said Laguna Beach resident Sullivan Balm.