LBHS says farewell to Mrs. Brown


Back at the office, Alex Aronson (left) and Jeanne Brown (right) oftentimes showed up wearing the same color clothes to work and soon began taking pictures of their matching outfits.

Tess Booth, Reporter

After five wonderful years, one of Laguna Beach High School’s finest, Counselor Jeanne Brown, says goodbye as she and her family move to Minnesota. During her time at LBHS, Brown was dedicated to supporting her third of the student body through academic and personal advising.

“She has been more than a colleague and really more like a sister,” said LBHS counselor Nichole Rosa. “We can literally spend all day joking back and forth, and it makes the workplace so much more enjoyable, especially when we sometimes have to deal with some pretty heavy subjects. I will miss her honesty, integrity and loyalty as a friend.”

Along with her positive spirit, Brown also has a deep passion for what she does, which helps to explain how she has made such an impact on LBHS. During her sophomore year attending Azusa Pacific University, Brown realized she wanted to become a high school counselor.

“I love what I do. I love the connections that I make with students and families. I love walking them through life and being someone students can come to for advice or someone for them to vent to, cry to, or someone to grab candy from,” said Brown.

While performing her duties as a counselor, Brown also joined the Challenge Success Team, a non-profit organization dedicated to researching new strategies to improve students’ well-being and engagement with learning. As a two-year-long member, Brown also co-advised the Challenge Success Student Club with colleague and close friend, Student Support Specialist Alex Aronson.

“She was always a team-player and helped support students, teachers, staff, counselors and admin in any capacity that was needed,” said Aronson. “She was such a friendly face to anyone who walked into the office and always had a smile on her face.”

It is no secret that Brown has touched the lives of so many. Although thousands of miles away, Brown has made a lasting impact on the faculty and staff of LBHS, especially the students.

“Not only was Mrs. Brown an amazing school counselor, but she was also a friend,” said LBHS senior Luisa Lofranco. “If I had a problem, Mrs. Brown wouldn’t just see it through the eyes of a teacher—she would see it through my perspective. I appreciate all of the time I had with Mrs. Brown very much and wouldn’t want it any other way. I couldn’t have asked for a better counselor, and she will be greatly missed.”

When schools shut down in March, Brown continued to care for her students while at home. Although the pandemic surfaced many challenges, Brown now reflects that she got a new perspective on life and really enjoyed staying home with her family. Deciding to take a short break from counseling, Brown looks forward to spending more time with her kids and maybe even setting up her own coffee shop.

“The teachers, staff, counselors and administration here work tirelessly to make the best learning experience possible for students both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Everyone truly cares about the students here, and it is inspiring. The students and parents, from day one, have been welcoming, hardworking and uplifting. I have nothing but good thoughts towards the Laguna Beach community,” said Brown.

LBHS will forever be grateful for Brown’s positive contribution to the school. As Brown prepares for the new chapter in her life, she leaves with one last piece of advice for the next counselor that takes her place and the students of LBHS.

“Being a counselor is hard not only with all that we do, but it is also hard emotionally. I feel what my students are going through, and many of you have gone and are still going through some really hard times. Empathy is key,” said Brown. “My advice would be to have an open mind, have flexibility, but most of all, be positive. Every day in my life, personal or work life, I try to start the day and continue through the day with a positive attitude. Life takes us all on twists and turns, but staying positive helps you weather the storm.”