10 easy ways to stay organized and sane when life is all messy

Scarlett Wheaton, Business Manager

Quarantine is affecting everyone differently, but I know that just staying awake can be hard when you have the opportunity to sleep all day, watch Netflix, or play video games. Not to sound like a parent, but life has got to have some boundaries. Responsibility is everything in a time like this; you are (mostly) in charge of yourself, your grades, meals, and health. This quick list has some helpful ways for you to manage your mental health and physical health, all while staying academically active.


1: Set aside a time frame for when you should do work for each class.

2: Document (jot down) what you need to finish and their due dates under class categories.

3: Light a fire or candle in the morning. This can help calm your senses and get you ready for the day. Plus if it’s cold, this helps keep you up and ready instead of in bed or under a blanket.

4: When you wake up, you don’t have to make your bed but just at least lay your sheets back over your bed so it isn’t freezing later.

5: Eat food, but not just canned pasta. Try to eat some greens or fruit each day.

6: Keep all of your school supplies (if any) together so you don’t lose anything.

7: Charge your computer at night.

8: Drink more than five cups of water each day.

9: Sleep a healthy & appropriate amount of hours (7-10) now that we finally have the chance.

10: Think happy thoughts and don’t let the news or sad conversations get you down. Make the best of your situation and stay positive.