The true meaning of Christmas

Lela McCarroll, PR Team

Many people consider it wrong to tell your friends at a younger age the truth about Santa Clause. Many people consider their age to determine when they should be told. I personally believe that whenever the parents choose to tell their kids the truth about Santa Clause is the best time because they know what is best for their kids. It is not good to tell someone else’s kid about the truth, or maybe you’re in the 5th grade and you already know about Santa Clause. Would you tell the ones who don’t know the truth yet? My advice, leave it up to the parents to decide when they are going to tell their children. I believe kids should be told the truth about Santa in the late 5th grade so entering middle school won’t be a struggle with them around other kids. I was first told the truth about Santa when I was in early 5th grade by one of my friends. She told me everything she knew. I didn’t choose to believe it at first impression however once I chose to ask my mother about the truth, she spilled all the beans to me and my brothers. The next Christmas never seemed as fun because I knew there was no such thing at Santa Clause. In fact every Christmas after that seemed very boring to me. Eventually I finally understood what the true meaning of Christmas was. It’s a time to be around your family and friends and celebrate the birth of Jesus for those who are Christians like me and my family. Christmas finally felt more together and whole again after I fully understood the meaning of Christmas.