Bean O’Clock


Olivia Longoria, Liaison Manager

The pop-culture phenomenon of beans submerging inanimate objects is quite shocking at the least. How beans ended up in such a place is a wonder to all. Does the clock still tell time? Was it ever removed from the wall? What is the clock doing now? Has the addition of beans made the clock conscious of its own existence? Why? Do the beans move as the hands move? Are the hands stationary? Does it smell like sweet succulent bean juice? What are the exact coordinates of this clock? Can I buy this clock? Who decided to take bean action on this clock? Image result for bean clock

These questions that other insightful people as myself have had the same striking curiosity as of: why? Even so, there has been bean o’clock merchandise as well. The impact of bean o’clock will be everlasting as long as beans rule this planet we call home. Beans are anything. Beans are life. Life will never stop. Beans will never stop, too. Beans are love, beans are life.

Beans in inanimate objects does not stop. The bean clock started a renaissance of bean-ing.

Here, we see a bean croc. The same questions pester my mind as bean clock did. How many beans are in the croc? Could you bake this croc in the oven and eat some baked beans? Could you slurp it up from each bean-infested croc holes as a little snack? Us humans have little freedom of will yet no one will stop us from placing beans in places they should and shall not be.

Image result for beans in things

More importantly, why is the croc so clean? Did the bean felon buy a pair of crocs just for this masterpiece? Tell me why it ain’t nothing but a bean’s sake. Tell me why, ain’t nothing but a mistake. Or is it a blessing we are too blind and too ignorant to comprehend? I’ve bean thinking about all these questions but alas, there are no answers to questions that are above our intelligence. Lima been lost about the whole bean situation.