Star Trek Review

Oliver Zinn, Reporter

Star Trek is the greatest sci fi franchise ever conceived of by a human; Not only is Star Trek vastly superior to Star Wars but is superior to every other sci fi franchise created in all of human history. For seven reasons: 

    1. The Star Trek franchise has dozens of wonderful, complex, likable characters that are better than the casts of any other sci fi series.  
    2. Star Trek has the best spaceship fights in contemporary sci fi 
    3. Star Trek has the best political commentary in contemporary sci fi. 
    4. Star Trek has the best moral dilemmas in contemporary Science fiction. 
    5. Star Trek has the most seasons(if you combine all of the seasons of the original series and the spin off) of any american science fiction franchise besides Power Rangers(which is technically science fiction)
    6. erStar Trek has the best alien makeup contemporary science fiction.  



Star Trek is very cerebral and intellectual unlike most science fiction like Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.