Science Classrooms Receive An Upgrade

Ellie Ford and Olivia Longoria

Over this past summer, the science classrooms have undergone renovations. These improvements include new desks, chairs, lab stools, new technology and more readily available storage space. 

“The storage behind the new whiteboards is my favorite change,” said Mrs. Hartford, a teacher. 

Mrs. Hartford’s newly renovated classroom (room 63). These new features include new desks, tables, storage, and technology.


While the new furniture has not improved teaching, the new technology has made teaching convenient.

“Writing and annotations on the Ipad has made teaching easier. Before, I was not able to write and annotate on powerpoints.” Said Mrs. Hartford.

“The new TVs have made it easier for students to view our annotations,” said Mrs. Park.

Labs have also been affected by the new storage additions.

“The change has affected the tidiness of labs,” said Mrs. Hartford.

One of the most exciting changes are the improvements in technology regarding new TVs and Ipads. 

“Before I had a projector and an overhead screen. Now we have Ipad’s to write on and again, to annotate on.”

Even though the renovations has improved the science classroom environment the biggest problem has not yet been resolved.

“Us teachers still have to travel room to room and the new improvements have not affected the efficiency of travel,” said Mrs. Hartford and agreed all science teachers.