Met Gala Review

Mercer Janssen and Carly Rohrer



Katy Perry (Moschino) Mercer: Theme: 8/10 My Opinion: 5/10 Why: It would have made more sense if Moschino had put Sia in a chandelier. Hate the dress. But she followed the theme, it is outrageous, flamboyant, and nobody in their right mind would wear it in public. She’s always pushed boundaries so I guess she did alright. Carly: Theme: 9/10 My Opinion: 8/10 Why: This look was very extravagant and out of the ordinary. It definitely relates to the theme. I think that Moschino did an amazing job figuring out how to make the chandelier light up without seeing any physical cords. This look was overall a really unique look.


Lady Gaga (Brandon Maxwell) Mercer Theme: 9/10 My Opinion: 8/10 Why: Lady Gaga is Camp 24/7/365. This event was made for her. She changed outfits four times in fifteen minutes, it was insane, and then she stripped down to lingerie and layed on the met steps. The production aspect gave it Camp, she performed and gave it her all. Carly Theme: 9/10 My Opinion: 9/10 Why: The multiple dress changes and the acting, while being one of the first to walk down the pink carpet, really set the tone for the entire event. The outrageous changing to her lingerie really emphasized the theme camp. I feel like it wasn’t necessary to strip all the way down to her underwear, but other than that, this look was extraordinary.
Jared Leto (Gucci) Mercer : Theme: 7/10 My Opinion: 7/10 Why: He carried a Gucci wax figurine of his own head. I give the outfit a 6 but the head a 10. The jewels draped across the red robe reminded me more of last years Catholic Imagination, than Camp, but nonetheless, it complemented the head well. Carly : Theme: 7/10 My opinion: 7/10 Why: The head was what made this look. The red robe was kind of boring and plain but the $11,000 identical Gucci head made the look extravagant like what the theme of camp should be. I feel like he could have made his robe a little more unique.
Billy Porter (The Blonds) Mercer Theme: 10/10 My Opinion: 10/10 Why: Billy Porter got carried in on a black satin mattress like the king he is. Adorned in gold and given wings, if he had flown away and I could die knowing I had seen something amazing. Carly Theme: 10/10 My Opinion 10/10 Why: Billy Porter getting carried in by a bunch of shirtless men represents the extravagant theme of camp. His outstanding appearance was definitely on point and was very entertaining.
Zendaya (Tommy Hilfiger) Mercer Theme: 8/10 My Opinion: 7/10 Why: It was an appropriate farewell to Disney. The dress itself was sorta ugly but I liked the production aspect that her stylist included. He waved his wand and the dress lit up. The technology behind the design was incredible, I just wish the dress in itself was more Cinderella and less Android. Carly Theme: 7/10 My Opinion: 6/10 Although the lighting up of the dress was interesting, I didn’t like the whole Disney vibe. It kind of looked a dress that could be purchased at a costume store, but the whole point of this is to flaunt extremely expensive outfits. I feel like Zendaya could have had a better appearance that was related to the theme.
Kendall and Kylie (Atelier Versace) Mercer Theme: 6/10 My Opinion: 7/10 Why: I thought that both of their dresses were gorgeous, and they both looked beautiful in them. Yet they seemed to take the route that most others followed at the event. One of the Notes in Susan Sontag’s Essay was that to be Camp was to wear 3 million feathers. So while Kendall wore the feathers attached to her back, Kylie wore them on her arms. I felt like there could have been more to each dress rather than just adding feathers. Carly Theme: 8/10 My Opinion: 8/10 Why- I feel like the millions of feathers represented Camp because that was one of the notes in Susan’s Sontag’s essay describing camp. I feel like they could have made the dresses a little more unique. Overall, I think that this was a great idea but it could have been executed better.
Ezra Miller (Burberry by Riccardo Tisci) Mercer Theme: 8/10 My Opinion: 9/10 Why: The makeup in itself was unsettling and made the viewer uncomfortable. But what rattles society is that which drags us out of our comfort zone. It was Camp. Carly Theme 9/10 My opinion 8/10 Why: The makeup of this look was extremely well done and definitely was extraordinary. I feel like the outfit itself could have been more extravagant. It would have been cool if there were eyes strapped to the tuxedo.
Lily Collins (Giambattista Valli) Mercer Theme: 7/10 My Opinion: 10/10 Why: Lily Collins took Priscilla Presley’s 1967 wedding look as inspiration for her gala dress and hair. The big hair and white wedding dress wasn’t the most extravagant look on the red carpet, but it was my favorite. I love how her designer reinvented and took a standard look and channeled Presley and Camp. I thought it was beautiful. Carly Theme: 6/10 My Opinion: 6/10 Why- To me, she looked kind of goth and to me, that isn’t camp. However, the big hair was the only part of her that actually related to the theme. Her dress was pretty but I don’t think it was a good fit for this event. She could have enhanced her look to make it more camp.
Janelle Monae (Christian Siriano) Mercer Theme: 9/10 My Opinion: 9/10 Why: The dress was gorgeous and I loved how it came out to make a bell shape. The colors were beautiful and the eye offset the rest wonderfully. The hats could of ruined the look but everything worked together and made one collective outfit, rather than a bunch of pieces mashed together. Carly Theme: 9/10 My Opinion;10/10 Why: The shape of the dress and the outrageous hat were a perfect combo. The mixture of color as well as including the eye created a look that practically defined the theme of camp. I loved the uniqueness of this look and this is one of my favorites.





Kim Kardashian (House of Mugler) Mercer Theme: 4/10 My Opinion: /10 Why: She looked like a wet roach that crawled out of a gutter. I heard she had corset training for months before the event, just to look like a hot mess. Honestly disappointing. Carly 4/10 My Opinion: 2/10 I absolutely did not like Kim Kardashian’s look. The dripping wet dress and soaked hair were out of the ordinary but it looked awful. This outfit made her appear like she didn’t try that hard to look nice for this event. The shiny glow on her body that was supposed to make her look wet just made her look dirty.