New classes added to the schedule and after school

Haven Thacker and Mercer Janssen

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As of Summer 2019, LBHS students will be able to take early college credit opportunities located on campus. To increase participation and interest, the school initiated a partnership with Irvine Valley College. Students in the past were offered the chance to travel to community colleges and take courses there. Now, because the classes are on campus, the school can expect an increase in attendance and enrollment.

“This is a long time in coming. The state has been encouraging high schools to build early college credit opportunities. We just wanted to stay on trend with the state and build these classes for students. Obviously, not all students have the opportunity to drive off and take these classes, so by bringing it to our own campus we allowed more to join.” said Ann Bergen the College and Career Specialist.

Music 28 (History of Rock Music) and Psychology 1 (Introduction to Psychology) will begin this summer. These courses will be taught three days a week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 8 am to 1 pm, starting on June 24 and ending July 26. During the 2020 school year, Communications and Sign Language will be taught during the fall and spring; the dates and times of the classes have yet to be decided upon. The credits for the classes are UC and CSU transferable, and after that, it is up to the discretion of other colleges to decide whether they will accept these as credit.

“These classes and the ones that have now been implanted into the bell schedule are catered to the student. They were chosen  because students came and talked to the administration about their own interest and we worked with ROP to secure it,” said Assistant Principal Nikol King.

These are accelerated courses and are placed on a college track. While there may not be much busy work like high schoolers expect, the majority of their grade will rely on their midterm, final, and one or two projects. Students have to be careful when choosing these courses because if they become disinterested and mean to fail out these grades will follow over on to their transcripts. Those who take these classes should be there not because they are early college credit opportunities, but rather the interests of the student. 

Articulated Courses are also taught on campus during the school day. Multimedia Production, Multimedia Design, 3D Design, Photography, and Theater II are all classes in the schedule that transfer to one semester of college credit. Articulated Classes are taught by high school teachers with agreements with professors from the community colleges. Students must maintain an A or B letter grade to receive the college credit.

Classes offered during the school day along with those after school and during the summer are all great avenues for early college credit. They transfer to money saved, because the more you earn, the less requirements you have to fulfill in college, leading to early graduation.

“I am taking the psychology course over the summer because I found the opportunity exciting, I’ve always been interested in the difference between people who have short term and long term memory and the environmental factors that a play a role. Psychology is something I might want to pursue in the future and to try it now is like a preview,” said freshman Isabella Monaco.

The district has decided to add quite a few new classes to our schedule to extend the curriculum. Adding these classes allows for students with broader interests to find a good fit and a path they want to take for future careers.

Creative Writing

-Taught by Mrs. Hunnicutt

-Full year of English credit

-Available to juniors and seniors only

“The students will be more engaged in independent reading and book clubs, but we will still study a variety of mentor texts as a class. We will look at these texts through the eyes of a writer: What moves does the writer make that we may want to mimic?  Why did the writer choose this genre to tell his or her story?  We will write poems, non-fiction, fiction, one-act plays, digital stories, and children’s novels, culminating in an individual project that incorporates several different modes of writing. As a result of taking this class, students will be able to write in a variety of contexts with confidence and ease, whether it is a lab report, a synthesis essay, or— a novel!”

– Mrs. Hunnicutt


-Taught by Mr. Finn

-PE credit

-Available to all students

“Students will learn different yoga postures, controlled breathing, and proper body alignment. Throughout the course, students will also engage in cardiovascular activities such as jogging and walking. Additionally, students will participate in a variety of exercises targeted at strengthening the core region of the body. Students will benefit from this class as it will help them increases balance, flexibility, and strength.”

– Mr. Finn

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