Reading shouldn’t be a necessary evil to maintain a grade


Lauren Fetzer

Kai Arellano, Graphic Designer

When I was younger I loved reading. I read books like The Magic Treehouse and the Percy Jackson series. When we got to go to the library and look at all the rows and rows of books available, I had lots of fun. This began to change after I graduated from Top of the World.

In sixth grade, I found that reading became a chore. I was confined to a reading log that made up a large portion of my grade. It felt like I was being forced to read a certain amount of minutes. Even though I got to choose the books I read, I didn’t want to read. This made it easy for me to lose interest and say, “I don’t like reading.” I took the easy way out. Then as I advanced more in middle school, we had to read books to maintain our grades. This made things even worse. Not only did reading affect my grade, but I also had to read books I didn’t choose. This all changed recently.

I have always really liked WWII and historical fiction movies. After receiving many different books over the years from birthdays and Christmases, I decided to pick up one of the WWII books. I thought if I enjoyed it in movies, then I’d like the same stuff in books. Finding my genre of reading allowed me to enjoy it again. It is a nice way to escape and relax for a bit. I feel like many people overlook reading as something they can do in their freetime.

By deciding to read what you like, I believe that everyone can and will like reading once again. This doesn’t mean you have to start liking the books you read in class, but it doesn’t mean you should give up on the activity all together.

Finding the right genre of book is important, and I encourage you to find it.