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New calendar for 2019-2021 school years

Taylor Viloria, Business Manager

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Laguna Beach is a very unique town in many ways, including the district’s calendar. However, some changes are being implemented.  On Sept. 25, the school board voted 5-0 in favor of a district-wide calendar change. The school year will start on Aug. 26 and end on June 11 in the 2019-20 calendar and start on Aug. 24 and end on June 10 in the 2020-21 calendar.


Discussions started last year with teachers and students at Thurston and LBHS as well as parents from all four of the district’s schools taking a survey about the proposals. The overall survey results indicated that 57.5% of certificated and certified staff approved of the change, as did 54% of the student body.  While there were higher percentages of approving parents at the middle and high school levels, an average that included parents of all four district schools revealed a 52% disapproval rate.

“This change will be very good for me and my family so I do not have to stress over Winter Break studying for finals,” said freshman Kai Gillies, who took the survey last year at Thurston.

      Among the many reasons for the calendar shift is that future AP students will have greater preparation time for AP tests. Another reason is to decrease stress during the winter holidays by making finals for both Thurston and LBHS fall before the break; therefore, the focus can be on family time rather than completing homework and preparing for final exams. Also, incoming seniors will have more time to take advantage of school resources as they complete their college applications to different schools.

“It could potentially reduce the work students face during the summer because they have more seat time and an earlier start to the school year,” said principal Dr. Jason Allemann with regard to the many students who currently are tasked with weighty summer assignments from many of their teachers and classes.

However, many people are not pleased with the scheduled calendar change, including sophomore Lucas Schimmelfennig.

“It will be bad for many students. It’s meant to help the AP kids only, and it probably won’t help them either,” said Schimmelfennig.

Overall, this new calendar will bring in many new ideas and changes into our school years to come, and the school board believes that the greater good of LBUSD and its students will ultimately be achieved as a result.

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New calendar for 2019-2021 school years