Welcoming new special education teacher Ms. Steinbergs

Austin Plank, Reporter

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Laguna Beach High School has recently welcomed Valerie Steinbergs, a new special education teacher on campus. Steinbergs enjoys teaching special education and has a very sentimental connection with those she teaches.

“We are really excited to get Ms. Steinbergs. The teachers who interviewed her called me and said, ‘hey we really got a top-notch teacher here,’” said Mindy Hawkins, another special education teacher here at LBHS.

Steinbergs attended Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana and grew up in Huntington Beach where she developed a love for paddleboarding and cycling.

“I love paddleboarding because I tried surfing and I struggled with standing up, so I switched to the next best thing. I just loved it so much that I bought my own,” said Steinbergs

Steinbergs loves to paddleboard because she loves the ocean. She also mentioned that she loved searching for sea glass because it gets her mind off things.

Steinbergs also enjoys cycling on the Newport Beach boardwalk on the Balboa Peninsula.

“One of my dreams is to get a Volkswagen Bus and travel around the country with the people that I love,” said Steinbergs.

While has she enjoyed a life at the beach, Steinbergs struggled in high school, feeling as though there was no one to help her, so she developed an early interest in improving educational systems.

“Right out of high school, I went to Long Beach State University and I got my bachelor’s degree,

and I waited to become a teacher after I worked a corporate job and raised kids of my own,” said Steinbergs.

Eventually, Steinbergs attended Chapman University where she earned her masters degree to become a teacher. First, she worked at a high school in Yorba Linda and then transferred to  Laguna Beach this year.

“Some of the teachers call her Phoebe from the show Friends because she is just very calm, and she has very calming effects on her students and on other teachers as well,” said Hawkins.

Steinbergs has gained the early appreciation of her colleagues and students as a result of her very calm vibe and her down-to-earth personality.  

“I have four kids—three boys and a girl between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-one,” said Steinbergs.

She states that she and her children love each other’s company and enjoy spending time as a family.  She mentioned the difficulty of being a single parent, but, as a result, she learned to be flexible with anyone who is overwhelmed or struggling.

“I think that she is going to be an amazing and fantastic asset to Laguna Beach High School,” said Hawkins.