Perfect attendance spotlight: Q&A with Danny Levinstein

Owen McMurray, Photographer

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  1. How did you manage to never miss a day?
    1. Immune system stronger than vibranium
  2. Have you never had a sick day?
    1. I have gotten sick, but never to the extent that it should keep me from learning.  The sicknesses I get usually consist of a light cough and/or a runny nose
  3. What is your attitude towards school?
    1. I enjoy learning.  Sitting around all day gets really boring after a little while, learning isn’t.  Although the system isn’t perfect, school does provide opportunities to learn more than one already knows.
  4. How did your parents contribute to your perfect attendance?
    1. They drove me to school everyday until this year.  A great example of this is October 2009.  My grandfather, who lived in Thousand Oaks, passed away.  My family drove up one day after school for the funeral, knowing full well that I had to be back home for school the next morning.  The following morning, we woke up at 5:00 in the morning and drove home so that I would be at school on time.


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Perfect attendance spotlight: Q&A with Danny Levinstein