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The athletic leadership team

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The Athletic Leadership Team, or ALT,  a new program at LBHS, looks to develop student-athletes in interscholastic competition by demonstrating the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and responsible behavior. Created by athletic director Lance Neal, ALT is planning to create a future where hazing or unruly actions no longer exist within LBHS athletics.

“The goal is to put a leadership training program in place that goes from year to year so everyone coming into leadership roles has training from others who have been in the program,” said Neal.

In response to LBHS’s rough history with poor sportsmanship, sophomores and juniors from each team were selected with the main goals of ending hazing and underclassmen mistreatment, and establishing a base for growth for students’ athletic relationships, no matter what age or grade.

“I feel that creating this program is a step in the right direction,” said junior Riley Bumgardner. “Creating a stronger relationship in a team-oriented environment can make all the difference in a big game.”

ALT meets twice a month to train and educate its student-athletes on good leadership, which serves the team rather than the selfish individual.

“I think this is very important for the growth of our sports teams,” said sophomore Colton Gregory. “A group of athletes aren’t a team unless they have someone to lead them. Having someone direct you may not be fun at times, but it definitely makes a difference between the winners and losers.”

However, ALT has a long way to go before it achieves its goals. As of now, the program is still in its beginning stages. Athletes are expected to work hard on their respective teams and to prevent any form of abuse they witness.

“They’re expected to take the information given to them, to help put it into process, and to become leaders who are teaching other athletes on campus the different leadership styles we’re learning,” said Neal.

Equally important is the treatment of opponents, whether it be a home or away game. The tarnished history of bad sportsmanship at times has overshadowed LBHS’s athletic programs.

“We’re in the public eye all the time,” said Neal. “We need to continue to talk about how we react in situations like that and about right behavior versus inappropriate behavior.”

Addressing past mistakes is vital to the developing athletes in order for them to learn to work together, be respectful to and honor the chain of command.

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The athletic leadership team