Pep Assembly

Pep Assembly

Emily Addis, Graphic Designer

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On May 20, 2016, Laguna Beach High School held its last pep assembly of the 2015-2016 school year in the Dugger Gym.  

“I give this pep assembly an ‘A’ for execution!” said junior pep commissioner Dylan Wolf.  

The students were thrown for a surprise when our pep commissioners Dylan Wolf and Cale Airey appeared from out of the ceiling after the video instead of sprinting into the gym as usual.  They pumped up the students in each section of the gym divided by class.  

“Being 008 in the pep assembly was really fun despite having to wait in a little box 40 feet high for 45 minutes,” said Wolf.  

The video aligned with the James Bond theme as Wolf, playing 008, and Airey, playing 009, were able to steal a briefcase.  The students were entertained by the suspenseful video.  

“The video was the best video I’ve ever seen at a pep assembly, #FIRE!” said senior Isaac Wulff.  

It is LBHS tradition to dress in class colors for the Pep Assembly.  The freshmen wear red to give off the illusion that they are fierce. The sophomores wear the color blue like their tears because they have 3 more years. Juniors wear white to reflect their empty souls after the hardest year of their high school career, and the seniors actually look fierce in black.  

“I’m so excited to be a senior next year and wear black to the pep assemblies,” said junior Angelique Begay.   

The cheer team started off the pep assembly with an exciting performance.  Following them was the flawless performance by the LBHS Dance team.  

“We worked with David Slaney, our choreographer, for two to three days before the assembly.  It was good to work with him as he was very inspirational,” said senior dance team member Kara Dunne-Dombrink.

Additionally, the court performed dances with their designated partners. Students watched as Daniel Black serenaded Morgan Connor and Dylan Davis danced with Carmen Nichols. Jack Pattillo and Kara Dunne-Dombrink followed them, showing off their dancing skills and even doing the splits.  Next, Charlie Warner and Iman Berri danced and Warner attempted a frontflip.  Lastly, Alex Rounaghi and Tamara Houlla did a dance, and Rounaghi finished the performance by asking Teddie Hall to prom.  

“My favorite part of the assembly was the prom court dances because it was funny to watch,” said junior Jaden Christiansen.  

The dancing continued as part of the LBHS girls and boys volleyball teams then participated in a dance off.  The boys clearly won with their carefully thought out dance, while the girls struggled to come up with ideas.  

“The guys definitely prepared more than us; we just had to make a dance up on the spot,” said junior Kendyl Brennan.  

In accordance with school tradition, each class chanted different phrases in unity.  Students heard the classic “Seniors Suck” and “Four More years” chants, despite principal Herzfeld’s best efforts to have the students chant more positive sayings.  

“As an upperclassman, the chants have become more relatable, and pep assemblies wouldn’t be the same without them,” said junior Callista Helms.

The assembly ended with a prom competition instead of a senior video this year.  Overall, the assembly was entertaining and successful.  

“Next year’s pep assemblies will be great! YIPEEEE!” said Wolf.